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QUESTION: I've curious about Hindu relics and artifacts such as the items I see in books. I've seen imitations of these items and I'm interested in how to tell these objects apart from the real thing. I know the more ancient pieces would be in museums, but are the modern objects worth any money or are they just worth the religious importance to their owners, like a Crucifix to a Catholic? What can you tell me about how Hindus see their gods?

ANSWER: Dear William

Why do you wish to buy the stuff? For display at your showcase, just hobby or for religious rituals?  you can not buy relics. Anyway, you can certainly buy good quality artifacts. They are expensive any way.

Hindus worship idols of Gods and Goddesses. Hence idols and the related artifacts are of immense importance. Good quality once attract more devotees. Hence the riches temples are more frequented by the devotees.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear sir - I apologize for any confusion. I'm not interested in acquiring relics. I just wish to add to my experience in informing people who think they have real objects and be able to separate them from imitations. I've read the histories of numerous faiths and I'm sometimes asked if something is real. My familiarity with Hindu decorations is limited, but I'm quite sure the real stuff is made of silver and gold and not pewter and iron.

Dear William

All stuff are not made of silver or gold. Some are made of iron or even mud. One can differentiate from the shape and other attributes. Ofcourse in modern days, the offerings by the rich devotees are often made of gold or silver. They are at times kept on display. By this, one can not conclude. Yes, many of the old temples have enormous gold artifacts.

hope that helps



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