i want to do my mummy's shraddh.how do we do that? she is not between us now ... we missing her.. we are hindu.

Real shraadh
Real shraadh  
Namaskaar !

It is sad to hear that she isn't with you these days.

I am sorry but the detailed answer can't be provided here. There are 2 things which should be made clear before I proceed to answer it.

1>> Shraadh is optional, not compulsory.  

It is often done when you love her so much that you keep remembering her. This is just to ensure that her soul rests in peace. Though this way is optional to achieve that. Souls do rest in peace otherwise as well.

I have attached an  image to show you what do I mean. Do check it.

2>> If at all you want to do that, there are 2 shraadhs.  

1st one is Annual. 365 days later than the date of her passing by, you can do so. Your local priest will tell you detailed procedure. I will just tell you a short mechanism.

Take water in your hands and pray for her soul. Then promise to take her aim ahead (whatever she had in her life OR wanted you to achieve). Leave the water. While doing Shraadh, take "Urad daal" and make a big ball from its structure. Take "black teel", raw rice and meditate for a while on Pitri Devaas OR your mummy's soul. Offer "Urad daal" related prasadam to her. After worship, Take that Urad daal ball and prasadam and give that to a crow. Care should be taken that only a crow takes it. It is recommended to take bath after finishing the procedure.

2nd one is during specific period. That's what Hindus call "Pitri Paksha". Right now, we are having that time. During these days, you must contact your local priest. He can provide you a detailed procedure.

Hope that answers your question.  


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