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Hindus/Zakir Naik should be executed


QUESTION: I think you all know how serious is defamation. Defaming an individual itself is criminal. But defaming religions is the most criminal act that can be performed. Zakir Naik, in the guise of comparison of religions is defaming all religions other than Islam.
He misquotes, mistranslates, quotes out of context and fabricates the scriptures so that it appears that all of the other scriptures advocate that one should be come Muslim. Not only that he says in a convoluted way that unless one follows Islam there wont be any peace.. Means other religions advocate violence only. Defaming other religions is a criminal act... Proper action should be taken on him by international court of law and have him executed.
Can you ensure that it is done before everyone is converted to Islam in India and now he has taken his fangs to Sri Lanka.

ANSWER: Dear Ananth

You need to take up the issue at a different platform for redressal.

I respect your feelings

Bets wishes

Dr Garain

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Dr.Garain,
Which other platform is there?
This is an issue any human being who has faith in God.
I suppose you also is one such.
In fact this issue concerning this bigot, should be taken up in all platforms, forum, blogs in every country in the world.
Can you suggest any other platform?
Are you saying that this forum is not concerned with human rights violation?
(You cant say he has freedom of speech, as such freedom doesn't allow anyone to defame someone else.)


You may approach National Human Rights Commission, State Human Rights Commission, if  you are convinced and also can convince the commission about your concern.

You may also fine a writ petition at High Court.

You may use social media to promote your concern

Dr Garain


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