I have a lady friend that made a comment to a Hindu woman at a church dinner recently saying that "she was lucky because she was pretty and slim, and could eat anything she wanted."  Normally that would be a compliment in Western culture, because most women like to be called slim, but the Hindu woman slammed her fist on the table many times, and screamed in anger that my friend had cursed her; my friend met her out in town, and the woman screamed at her again, saying that she had cursed her food; needless to say, my friend was very humiliated, and meant no hardship. The Hindu woman ironically goes to our Baptist church for social reasons; the dinner was held at a church; it was her choice to go to a Christian church where no one forces her to do anything she is not comfortable with, she is welcome, but continually tells my friend that she has cursed her; is there something that my friend can do, to make peace with her. She meant no disrespect. I read where one of the Ten Vedic Restraints is to "practice non-injury, not harming others by thought, word or deed and also to exercise patience, restraining intolerance with people with impatience with circumstance. Be agreeable, and let others behave according to their nature, without adjusting to you and others." I'm a little shocked that she is not practicing restraint, but we are all human, and have limits. My friend really wants to make this right, and will do anything. Thanks so much.

Dear Melissa,

This woman is behaving in a way that is against any religion, and of course, against the basic tenets of Hinduism. The basic scriptures of Hinduism are the Vedas, and fastidiousness about food is not prescribed there. But not hurting others is definitely repeatedly told as a quality to be cultivated.

So, this woman seems to be unreasonable, and is not by a long shot, representing Hinduism. So, the best thing your friend can do is to ignore this woman and pray for her.

With best wishes,
Swami Narasimhananda


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