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Hindus/Learning causes physical change in brain?


sir, when we say we gain intelligence or we learn something new, What are the actual physical changes that take place in our BRAIN?

Dear Sushant,

NO. There will be NO PHYSICAL CHANGES in the brain as we gain intelligence or as we learn something new.

Brain is like a hardware and what we learn (including intelligence) is like a software. When you store more information or programs in the computer, there will be no changes in the hardware. Hardware of the computer as manufactured will remain the same from the time you bought the computer till you dispose it off. However, your computer 'knew less' and 'less intelligent' when you bought it. With more data you store in and with more programs you install, your computer becomes 'more intelligent'. But there will be absolutely no changes in the hardware.

Same is the case with our brain. There will be no physical changes in our brain DURING THE CURRENT LIFE TIME although you gain more intelligent and learn more throughout your life. However there will be increased brain plasticity (ability to create new neural pathways or alter the existing one) and more neural connections as a result of we gaining more intelligence/ learning more.

These are NOT physical changes. We have roads which are fixed. But the traffic police can alter the routes, make some roads one way/ two way to make the traffic flow more faster. (This is like increased brain plasticity). Because of the efficient usage, there will be more vehicles on the road. (This is like increased neural connections). This does not mean number of roads are increased or roads are broadened. There is NO PHYSICAL CHANGE.

Depending on how much you learn and how much intelligence you have gained in this birth, when you are reborn, your brain WILL HAVE INCREASED WRINKLES. This is similar to embedded software. While making the hardware it is made differently to accomplish more tasks. OR this is similar to laying more roads and constructing bridges/fly-overs. Similar to these, physical changes in the brain happen ONLY  at the time of birth.

This is the reason for differences in intelligence among people. Although the same teacher is teaching all the students in the class, few get above 90% marks while few others get less than 40%. This is due to the differences in the FIXED intelligence that one is born with. This fixed intelligence can grow depending on how well we work.

For example, those who get 80% marks can work harder and cross 90% and those who get less then 40% can work hard and get 50%. This process continues throughout the life. And how much intelligence we have ADDED during the current birth determines the physical structure (folds or wrinkles) of our brain in the next birth.

It should be noted that it is not possible for a student who gets 30% marks to increase his intelligence and score 90% (in this birth). At the same time, while a student who gets 80% may remain at the same level IF HE DOES NOT work hard to increase his intelligence.  The student who gets 30%, increases his intelligence through hard work and reach say 50% in this life time. The he will be born with 50% in the next birth. In few more births he will be more intelligent than the student with 80% who has not worked and increased his intelligence.

So in conclusion, please note that the intelligence comes ONLY from working hard towards achieving a goal. Each one of us (alone) are responsible to increase our intelligence during this life time so that we are born with increased intelligence in the next birth.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications you may post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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