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Hindus/true sanyasi and female company


Does sanyasi mean not living with any female company. Else they might get sexually attracted.

Thank you.

Dear Vivek,

Sanyasi means one who has renounced. There are two types of sanyasis. Type 1 Sanyasi renounces the world in order to learn the truth. As long as the world (money, power, position, sex etc) appears to be promising (to give happiness) it is not possible to learn the ultimate truth. Therefore, it is recommended in the scripture that one renounces the world to seek the truth.

If a sanyasi renounces the world FOR THE PURPOSE OF learning the truth then he must not live in female company (incidentally the situation applies to female sanyasis as well).

The second type of sanysi is one who has already learned the truth. In this case he has renounced the ATTACHMENT to the world. He does not depend on the world for being happy. Such types of sanyasis can possess and enjoy wealth, sex and all the comforts in the world BECAUSE they are not attached to any. Therefore, such sanyasis can live with female company.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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