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sir, is there anything such as "6th sense" in the world?

Dear Aaryan,

YES. There is 6th sense and all of us have it. Sense is the means of gaining knowledge. We primarily use our five senses (sight,sound,taste,smell and touch) to gain knowledge about the world. The sixth sense is called discrimination (pagutharRivu in tamil or viveka in hindi). For example, wee see smoke and deduce fire using our sense of discrimination.

Therefore, according to vedas all of us have six senses. However, from your question I deduce that you are asking about the seventh sense..... which ofcourse is popularly known as 'sixth sense' in the western world.I would prefer to use the term ESP instead of sixth sense to avoid the confusion.

So let me rephrase your question: Is there anything such as "ESP" in the world.

The answer is again YES. But not all of us have it. ESP means Extrasensory perception. If some one gains some knowledge which is NOT based on the information received from our five sense, then that person has ESP.

There are some people who can see the future. An example is Nostradamus. It is not possible for us to explain how such thing is possible. So we need to conclude that they have ESP.

Thanks for asking this question. If you have more questions on this please feel free to post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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