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Dear Sir,

I am always confuse about "love as it is a state of mind", either it is a "state of relationship" or any thing extra, please show me right path.

Dear Vineet,

Love is neither a state of mind nor state of relationship. Love is the feeling of oneness. When two people fall in  love they identify themselves with each other. They think they are one. Love will last as long as the couple are under this notion. This feeling of oneness between the couple WILL NOT last forever.

No emotion or feeling lasts longer than couple of days. Love is one exception. It lasts longest. A maximum of about couple of months IF the couple live together. If there is a physical separation then it might appear to last longer. In general, no one can be IN LOVE for longer than sixty days.

Everyone of us think 'I am separate from the world'. The first step outside this wrong notion happens when one falls in love. For the first time, the notion of 'I am separate' gives way to the feeling of 'We two are one'. The next step is to get married and have a family. Now the words 'ME and MINE' will include the spouse and the children.

If people continue take more steps they will ultimately realize ALL ARE ONE. That is enlightenment. Only enlightened people can truly love. Because they KNOW that they are not separate.

Anyone who says 'I LOVE YOU' is actually lying because the sentence implies that 'I' and 'you' are separate. While one is in love it will appear that it will last for ever.  So they get married and soon they are out of love.

The right path for you is to marry a girl chosen by your parents.

Thanks for asking this important question and if you need any further questions please post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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