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Hindus/How much time I should spend for God?



Whose person is a religious person?



One who believes in the existence of God and have faith in him is a religious person. A religious person spends time and effort to reach god.

There are many types of religious persons.

Type 1: Those who seek God when they are in trouble.
Type 2: Those who seek God for material prosperity.
Type 3: Those who seek God for making spiritual progress.

For more details you may pl read Lesson 7 in Unit 15 of my book Gita for Joyful Living. (

In this connection please note religious people are NOT superior to Non Religious people. Many religious people believe in exclusive God (the attitude of 'my god is superior to your god') and few of them tend to be extremists.

Therefore, it is better to be a GOOD PERSON rather than a religious person. A good person is one who do not intentionally hurt others and who help others to the extent possible.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need clarifications please post a new question.

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"A religious person spends time and effort to reach god".

How much time i have to spent sir, now a busy life, or its a whole time duty.


It depends. Everyone wants to be happy. Majority of them assume money is required for being happy. When all the time is spent for earning money and enjoying, people do not spend time for God. But when a tragedy strikes, God is remembered.

When people realize money alone cannot bring them happiness, they tend to spend more time for God. But still they are under the delusion that God will help them to get what they want.

After spending considerable time for God, they will realize that even if God is granting all their wishes, still contentment is eluding them.

Then few of them will surrender to a Guru to know who God is. When the guru shows them God, they are awakened. After that they will be spending all their time for god because they know that it is not possible to do something else!

How much time you need to spend has to be decided by you depending on which stage you are in. If you think money is important, then you may spend few minutes for god everyday. Go to a temple once in a week. That will do.

Thanks for asking this clarification. Open to more questions.

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