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dear swamiji in the yajurveda there is a mantra which is as follows;

for the love of the people I adore the lord of light, creator of earth and heaven and the middle regions of the skies, the eternal poet who composed this wonderful world of paradisal beauty and truth adorned with the jewels of life from his inexhaustible treasure of nature, lord so dear to the learned and the wise, the brilliant manifestation of whose existential form blazes in the heaven above and the earth below which he made. With his infinite mercy he created the regions of bliss for the people, the creatures he created and loved. The people adore you, lord, with their breath of life. Lord of the golden bough in both hands, bless the people with the breath and energy of life existential as well as eternal.

my question to you is that where it says the 'inexhaustible treasure of nature', does it mean that god cannot run out of that material which he uses for creation?  thank you

Dear Dave,

In Hinduism or the Vedas, the creation is not done by God but it is just an evolution of the indivisible principle just as dissolution of the universe is an involution. So, there is no material out of which god creates the universe.

With best wishes,
Swami Narasimhananda


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