Hi Sir,

I am glad to contact you after some days. I've some questions on Advaita..Hope you can guide me..

1)When we consider World as illusion and Self alone is Brahman we tend to conclude our body and mind also as Unreal. If so how can we use our mind and body (which is termed false) to perform any Sadhana to realize Self which is Brahman?  Everytime we do Sadhana the mind says that why are you using false aspect right now?
What can be done for this..Please guide...

2) If everything except Self is unreal how to deal with the external world since already it is told that forms and names are not real but there is no world without forms and names?..

3) Does world is an illusion mean that we must ignore our mind and body?..
Please guide me...

Thanking you..

Dear Vimal,

Adi Sankaracharya had the answer for this. Actually there are two realities at work. An absolute reality (Parmarthika) in which there is nothing else but Brahman, the bed rock of existence. And the other is a pragmatic/practical/human level reality (Vyavaharika). This is what we experience and live in. Only a few can understand the absolute reality, but it is not something which is unachievable. And even after understanding the absolute reality, the pragmatic reality does not disappear. Now let us visit your questions again.

1. Your body and mind is not unreal in pragmatic reality.
2. The world is not unreal in pragmatic reality and your body and mind are not independent of it.
3. We cannot ignore pragmatic reality. We need to breathe and have food and drinks. We have our family, society, and country. We have responsibilities towards them. That is 'dharma'. (In the absolute reality 'dharma' does not exist.

With regards, yours sincerely,



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