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Why God has created this universe and what is that he wanted to achieve

Dear Gopalan,

God has created this universe to provide appropriate experiences to human beings. God is like a building contractor who fulfills the wishes of those who want to build. To fulfill the desire of every living being, God has created this universe. Each one of us are provided with appropriate environment in line with our past actions.

God has no ulterior motive for creation nor he wants to achieve something. Creation is called DIVINE PLAY (leela) in the scriptures. It is like a game that children play.

It is NOT like tennis or chess in which one wants to win. The divine play has no such motives. There is no winning or losing in the divine play. Children build sand castles in the beach. There is no purpose for building them. There is absolutely no use for the sand castle. Still they build. Why? It is an expression of their happiness.

Similarly, the universe is the expression of God's happiness. Although everyone of us are provided with different sort of environment (rich vs poor, war and peace sort of variation) it is possible for everyone of us to live joyfully.

Therefore, the purpose of creation can be said as 'Joyful Living'. It is not that God has this objective.  When the adults watch children build sand castles, they forget all their worries and remain in the state of happiness. Children do not build castles to make the adults happy. But if we are to attribute a reason for their action then we may say it is for our happiness. Similarly, If we are to attribute an objective to creation, then it is for our Joyful Living. If we truly live in God's creation we can live joyfully.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarification on this topic, you may please post a new independent question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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