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Hindus/Does memory reside in the brain?


In vedanta, memory is a subtle component of MIND and therefore not physical and therefore shouldn't reside in brain which scientist shouldn't agree. Also scientist presently do not understand how memory works.

Is this the reason, even when some or one half of the brain(hemisperectomy) is removed in the treatment of epileptic patient or for any other reason. The patient doesn't show any effect on memory or in his personality. The person still remain the same.

Thank you.

Dear Vivek,

Memory is like a software which runs on the hardware called Brain. When the hard disk crashes, we port the software to a new hard disk. Similarly, on the death of the physical body, the mind is ported to a new brain.

While memory uses the brain to function, it is independent of it.

Yes, your observation on the medical evidence is correct.

Thanks for your question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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