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If love is always selfish and we cant love anybody truly,
Then what is key to happy we are supposed
To form relationships?


No object or person in the world can give you happiness. The happiness that you seem to get from the world is in fact has originated from YOU. You are happiness. One has to study the scriptures systematically and consistently under the guidance of a teacher for a length of time to understand the source of happiness. Until this happens, people are ignorant, thinking that their happiness is coming from an external source.

Suppose you get married to a girl because you think that she will bring you happiness, you will be disappointed. For example, after marriage, if you come to know that she is cheating on you and have relationship with  someone else, then you will want to divorce her in order to be happy.

Happiness has no connection to relationships. Therefore, to form relationship one should focus on comforts and companionship. You need to marry a girl who is atleast four years younger to you and fits well with your family. Ideally, you will do well if you marry a girl chosen by your parents.

The purpose of getting married is to mutually help each other to find the source of happiness. Relationship by itself will not bring in happiness. Both of you should be compatible to each other so that together you will find eternal happiness.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications, please feel free to ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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