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The vedanta which communicates how to improve our knowledge is only in Sanskrit. If its a communication from GOD to Human being why its given a particular language?

Dear Gopalan,

Vedas are given by God along with the creation. It is the user manual for all human beings on how to live in his creation. There is no specific language for Vedas. The entire creation has came out of the sound waves. Scientists are able to detect this sound waves (which they refer to as gravitational waves in the recent news item

Although the radio waves are available everywhere one needs an appropriate equipment (a transistor)to convert them into sound. Similarly, although the vedas are available as sound waves all the time, only few chosen people are able to convert them into language.

Thousands of years back Sanskrit was most popular language among human beings. Ancient seers of Himalayas heard these sound and gave them in the only language that they know. May be there were other languages that were older than Sanskrit and it is quite possible that vedas were available in that language as well. Fortunately or unfortunately only Vedas in the Sanskrit language has survived to this day.

There are Vedas in other language too. For example, Quron is made available to the human beings in Arabic language through Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad would have given the God's message in English if it was his mother tongue.

So language is only a tool to convey God's message. The message is important and not the tool. Depending on the need of the hour, Vedas are made available to human beings at various time intervals. Since the translation of Vedas is now available in various languages, there is no need for us wait for someone to give Vedas directly in English.

Our focus should be on the message that God has given through Vedas and we should not be distracted by the tool that is used to convey the message.

Thanks for asking this important and interesting question. I will be glad to answer more questions from you. If you need clarifications, please post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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