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i have started to understand that im  forever free in this world.

This state however still fluctuates.

How can we be forever in this state so that this understanding

doesnt get clouded again ?

How can we not 'forget' who we are no matter what happens ?


Knowledge is different from experience. Knowledge is permanent while experience is temporary. From your question, I am not able to make out whether you are referring to your knowledge or experience.

Knowledge: I AM FREE   

If you have gained the knowledge that I AM FREE then there is no question of slipping back to ignorance.

Prior to gaining knowledge, people are under the delusion that 'I am a human being'. They DO NOT fluctuate from this wrong knowledge. When they learn their real nature, then the wrong knowledge is replaced by the truth, I AM BRAHMAN who is eternally free. This knowledge cannot be overwritten because there is no superior knowledge. Therefore, once this knowledge is gained, there is no question of fluctuation. Just as the ignorant is sure that he is bound, enlightened people are sure that they are free.

Experience: I AM FREE

Experience can never be permanent.  If you feel once in a while that you are free, you cannot hope to retain that state forever. Mind will continue to be affected by the environment and the experiences are always subject to change.

Once the knowledge that I AM FREE is gained there is no need to look for a specific experience. All experiences happen in the realm of mind, which is illusory in nature. Therefore, one remain free all the time irrespective of the type of experiences.

Suppose you are deeply involved in a game, you may forget briefly that it is a game. Similarly, it is natural to forget that you are free while playing the game of life. There is nothing wrong. The purpose of gaining the knowledge that I AM FREE is to enjoy life all the time. Therefore, one need not do anything to 'remember' the truth once the absolute knowledge is gained.

However, in order to gain the absolute knowledge it is essential that one does meditation under the guidance of the teacher who taught you Self-Knowledge.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarification, please do ask me.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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