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Hindus/Birth date of Lord Krishna.


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We are in the 21st century current year being 2014.

According to the mentioned link, Lord Krishna was born in 18th July 3228 BCE.

In Which century Lord Krishna was born ?.

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Respected Shri Prashant Ji,



I have gone through the link. The Data provided takes authentic scriptures into consideration. However, panchanga is based on astronomical calender and mainly depends on position of stars / constellations / Sun / Moon.

It should be noted that while Astronomical calendars is the most authentic and complete dating system, it is repetitive.

I will explain.

This is year 2014. Right? Now, you will be surprised to know that calendar of year 2003 had exactly the same date and days as the present year. Similarly, year 2025 will also have same patterns. Year 2031 will also have same date / days. Whichever calendar you chose, it will repeat some way or the other.

Now, coming to this case, Puranas OR Kimvandantis do mention position of stars during Birth of Krishna and this link takes that into consideration. However, that is analogous to saying: Some event happened on Wednesday and the date was 28th May. Find out the year. OK - Let us say it is 2014.

Similarly, a guesswork is done here. Stars will be at a particular position during birth of Krishna and they will be at the same position some period later or earlier. The cycle repeats.

18th July 3228 BCE is just one of the dates. He might have born earlier. By similar calculations, DOB of Lord Rama is 10th January 5114 BCE. Again, calculators don't take repetitive patterns into consideration.

I know they have used softwares to calculate all this but the software only shows the latest date meeting the criteria. It should be noted that Valmiki Ramayana (which is taken as standard for calculating Rama's DOB) clearly mentions Rama's tenure as 11000 years. Difference between DOB of Rama and Krishna is much less than 11000 years. Why this variation happened? Because repetition in astronomical pattern is not considered.

Scientifically, Universe originated around 5 billion years ago. Since then, the position of stars would have changed infinitely many times. The stars / Sun / Moon / Planets would have arrived at same co - ordinates multiple times. To get to the exact date, archaeological evidence need to be used along with such calculations. But there are several loopholes in the carbon dating process. Therefore, even this seems inefficient. We humans keep on researching new aspects to discover reality but can't find 100% authentic technique.

It is therefore, almost impossible to calculate exact DOB of Krishna. Hope you get my point.


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