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QUESTION: 1. How does God preserved the word of God?

ANSWER: Dear Henry

Pl clarify your question? What is in your mind? What are ar looking for?  In what context you are raising this question.

You may Google to articulate your understanding.

Hope it helps

Dr Garain

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QUESTION: I trying to find answer through here because my comic books is written in paper and so is the Vedas. I try to find a way from here that might help preserved my comic books forever. What I can do?  I convert my comic books to pdf. But I do not know what I can do to preserved my pdf comic books to last forever because that is what I want. I was thinking put my comic books in pdf that would last forever, but where do I store it and stuff.  Someone might steal it and such and such. That is what I getting to.

Dear Henry

That is a software issue. Consult a software engineer or internet specialist to help you keep your soft copies of the material in store perpetually.

There are also many document depository services, you can explore.

Hope you find help of it.

bets wishes

Dr Garain


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