I'm dong Ahimsa as a topic in secondary school and I would like to know what would happen if they were to accidently injure/kill a form of life, for example: stepping on an ant while walking or hitting a deer while driving?

Dear Callum,
The accidents happen due to various reasons. It may happen despite our best effort and it may happen because we are careless about it or the victim has been at fault. We must examine if we have taken due caution to see that the accidents do not happen.
Let us say you are driving a car under the influence of alcohol or overspeeding. You hit a man or animal without any intention. But you shall be surely be said to be guilty as you have not taken steps to ensure that accidents do not happen. You must know that the chances of accident becomes much higher due to drunken driving or over-speeding or even chatting with your friends, talking on mobile phone or feeling drowsy due to long driving .
However, there can also be cases , where you have taken all precautions, yet the other person or animal is careless and hence the accident happen. In such situation, you would't be guilty of violence or Ahimsa.
I hope your question is answered.
With best compliments


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