How can it be that Hindus are allowed to play violent video games involving inflicting pain upon other people (in a virtual world) when Ahimsa discourages people to do it in real life?

Dear Bobby

Modern world and its influence has affected the life and living of all human beings irrespective of religion or nation. All religions preach non-violence. But there are radicals in every religion who act just opposite to religious practices. Similarly influence of religious practices has got reduced drastically in the day of live of individuals, families, community and nation. Even the nation having a state religion does not pay attention to its religious heads and head do state wages war against another state killing millions. Do you think POPE, heading the worlds most organized religious sect has any influence over the head of state or government in Christian dominated countries? Unfortunately no.

Hindus and Hindu religion are not very organized. The religious practices are limited at individual and family level. Some families are very religious minded while most are not. I am born as a Hindu and proud to be one. But I practice it very little in daily life.

Hope this helps

Dr Garain


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