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Hindus/Ahimsa and it's conditions


In school we have been studying the Hindu belief of Ahimsa. I understand that all Hindus are expected to practise Ahimsa however I was wondering if there are any exceptions?
Such as is it acceptable to be violent through language or thought?
Also is war ever justified? Even if it is in defense of a nation/race?
I find the belief interesting however there seem to be some impracticalities I was wondering if you could help me with my understanding.
Thank you.

Dear Roshita,
You have asked a wonderful question. I complement you for such a nice question.
Ahimsa is a guiding practice of life and can't be practiced in absolute sense. Even Hindu Gods like Rama and Krishna fought with the evil people who were unrighteous, in order to establish the righteousness in this world. Hence, the answer to your question is yes--we can be violent in certain situations. In fact, it becomes our duty to fight the evil forces to ensure that goodness ultimately prevail in this world.
The problem is that if we allow violence even under certain situation, people are likely to interpret it in their own way and then wage a war on their opponents and enemies justifying their action. Hence, there is a need to develop holistic understanding of the world called Gyana, wherein we see the world in totality and not only from our (selfish) point of view. You will find that if you clearly see and understand the point of view of the others, you will see lots of merit in their arguments and the need for violence diminishes quite considerably.
However, in order to see the point of view of others, you have to develop faith and trust-which is impossible if you hate them. This naturally means that we must be able to see others, even our opponents, with love and compassion. Such feelings can come only when we love God and consider all human beings as the children of God. This means surrender to God and trust his love-which is called Bhakti or devotion in God.
Hence, right action is done only when it is combined with right understanding and the feeling of love. If you have love, everything become simple and Ahimsa becomes a way of life which can be followed without any effort.
I hope, this answers to your questions to some extend.
With best wishes


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