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Hindus/What is the benefit of working without thinking about the benefit?


sir, what is the logic behind the advise of "not focusing on results while doing duty"?
what will we achieve after following this advise?

Dear Aaryan,

The greatest boon given by Lord Krishna to the humanity is this advice 'Do work for the sake of doing work. Do not think about the results while doing the work'.  One who practices this Karma Yoga reaps the following benefits.

1. Everyone is doing some work or other because people are BOUND to do work all the time. Without knowing this truth, most people assume that they are working for earning money, name, fame etc. One will know this truth if he follows this advice.

2. Work and Results are NOT directly connected. Success in life is mainly due to Punniyam (good deeds of helping others) done in this birth or in the previous birth. Success in life is NOT due to the hard work and sincerity. Therefore, one who works for the sake of doing work does not get disappointed if the results are not in line with the expectations.

3. Working for 30 days for the sake of getting salary on one day is not an intelligent way of living life. Why should one suffer for 5 days a week for the sake of enjoying 2 days holidays? The best option is to enjoy the work. Only when one does work for the sake of doing it well, can hope to enjoy the work. Others who are focused on the results will be under tension, stress all the time.

4. Setting high standard of work to oneself and trying to achieve the same will not only give job satisfaction. It will also increase the potential of the person to earn more money.

5. Following this advice will progressively make the mind matured. He will not be affected by the external events that happen in life.

6. Finally, after practicing this karma yoga for couple of years, one will gain the required qualification to study Vedanta and get enlightenment.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications please let me know.

Best wishes,
Raja Subrmanaiyan  


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