WWat is the relation between Karma and Dharma?

Karma and Dharma are quite similar. The difference lies in the intention. Dharma means following the Scriptures to perform your action--which should be righteous and in accordance with the laws of the Scriptures. The problem is that Dharma is a product of time and culture. It changes in every society and in all times. Since the Scriptures were written many thousands of years ago, what was considered Dharma then may not be considered Dharma now. Hence blind observance of Dharma may not be a good idea.
Karma on the other hand deals with doing the duties prescribed as per your profession. If you are a soldier, you must kill your enemy to protect your country. If you are a revenue official, you must collect the taxes due to the state. The real test of Karma is that we must not shirk of teh responsibility because it is painful nor should prefer an action which is beneficial. The acts must be done because it is right.


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