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Hindus/Gita 12.8 - How to fix the intellect on Him?


Respected Sir,
  Lord Krishna tells Arjuna to fix the mind and intellect on him.
We can fix the mind by meditation but how to fix the intellect on Him?
Thankful for clearing this doubt.
T R Vasudevan

Dear TRV,

Excellent question. Fixing the intellect means understanding Him. Lord Krishna refers to himself as I/Me/Mine in many verses in Gita. However, what he means by these pronouns varies depending on the context.

1. At some contexts, it means just a human being who is a friend and cousin of Arjuna.
2. In many contexts, it means God or Iswara. (Here God, means the ONLY god. There are many personal gods like Siva, Vishnu etc. Krishna is also one such personal God. Lord Krishna DOES NOT refer to himself as Personal God in any of the verses of Gita)
3. In most contexts, it means the formless and nameless Brahman.

In the context of verse 12.8, it means Brahman. He is telling Arjuna to understand that the whole universe appears to exist but in reality nothing other than Brhaman exists.

Fixing the intellect means knowing 'I AM BRAHMAN'

Thanks for asking this important question and I will be glad to clarify any more doubts you may have on this.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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