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u must have read ramayana and lord ram is denoted as maryada purushottam means greatest in men... and ideal man... but the part comes when he leaves his wife seeta mata just coz of a washerman due to reason given in epic... so was it good to leave mata seeta just to save one's pride or set an example in front of public... practically it was wrong or right?if wrong then why he is being called as maryada purushottam and ekampatnivrata and etc.. plese help

Dear Rishabh,

Asking Mata Sita to leave Ayodhya was certainly not good and every Hindu accepts that. But Lord Rama had a greater 'maryada' to fulfill than that of a husband. He had to fulfill the 'maryada' of a king also. Staying out of the house for night is not a good act for a woman, and the washerman was right in not accepting his wife back. Had Lord Rama asked the washerman to accept his wife back, that would have meant that staying out of the house for the night is OK for women. For this reason, he had to ask Mata Sita to leave Ayodhya. A ruler must not only be good but he must be seen to be good.

After Mata Sita left Ayodhya, Lord Rama did not sleep on a soft bed and did not eat any thing other than what was absolutely necessary for survival. He left all things of enjoyment. It was not a pleasure for him to send Mata Sita in exile, but it was a kingly duty to maintain the social rules. He could not be an exception to the rule. With regards,



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