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i read a book called hindu history in that book it wwas told that all avatars and ancient events that took place were actually exaggerated and then told to us.. and it was told that asuras werent bad their sage was assasinated by indra so they wnted revenge so it ws told devas were bad(not devas actually but indra ws bad) similar story is found in avestic aryan or persion literature where devas are evil and asuras(ahura mazda)are good.. what r your views?
and mahabharata and ramayana really happened?whats r their approx date and u know a city claimed to be dwarka was found submerged in seas near gujarat and dating showd it was 50000years old then why we indians dont claim that we were the oldest and most advanced on this earth? plese tell me whatever info u have about this topic.

ANSWER: Dear Rishabh,

Yes, Lord Krishna's story is supposed to be about 5,000 years old. At that time there were a whole lot of cities and villages in the valleys of River Sindh and River Saraswati, which has since dried up probably due to change in the level of land (tectonic changes due to some big earthquake). Ramayana is even older and except for the locations mentioned in the epic (which are found even now), we do not know much.

As for the Avestic stories, Zoroaster modified the actual stories, he made devas into demons. Zoroastrian religion is based on that. It is just like Jesus rejecting jewish religion, and Mohammad rejecting both, the jewish religion as well as christianity. I do not have much to say about that except that that is what happened in the history. Regards,


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who was zoroeaster and why did he modified the story?and what is correct thing according to you? and archeologists found any remains of weapons or anything besides radiation in kurukshetra where war was held.. and radiation found in kurukshetra is natural or it is due to firing of various astra like modern era nuclear weapons.. do u think india had highly developed science and technology that time.. ? and sir mohammad had 632wives . so was he a good man?he only created dispute in between shiyas and sunnis.. what are your views on this

ANSWER: Dear Rishabh,

I will tell you the Zoroaster truth which you would not find anywhere else. Zoroaster was an Aryan priest (brahmin) of Atharva gotra. His ancestors had come to Punjab but returned back to Central Asia (Bactria - Balkh) because of the hot climate here and most probably malaria fever which was common here.

In Bactria, he had competition from brahmins of the Angirasa gotra. That is why he made Devas in to demons and said that Angre Mainyu is an evil spirit against the great Asuras (Aryans, even Hindus, mean God by Asura in Vedas - Lord Vishnu is mentioned as a great Asura). Zoroastrianism was later adopted by Acheminid Emperors of Persia and became strong.

No radiation has been found in Kurukshetra. I do not accept that atomic weapons were known at that time. The most would be burning arrows with heads bound in cloth and oil. Indian technology was better than many countries in Europe at that time, but it cannot compare with modern technology.

This is a Hindu forum so I will not comment on Mohammad, as to whether he was good or bad. Regards,


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i am sorry fir asking about mohammed.. and regarding radiation in kurukshetra i saw a documentry about mahabharata and in history channel also it was told a bit .. here are few links also...
but i think it can be fake becoz archeology dpt of india,colleges, nor my relatives have any info about this topic.. and i think gun powder must have been used that time as it was invented in india for firing crackers..and thanx a lot sir for gving me valueable knowledge about zoroaster.and zoroaster means zurathustra
only na in hindi pronounciation? and sir i saw a documentry called ZEITGEIST in that it was shown that birth of zesus,lord krishna,mithra of persia etc all are resemblence of a astrological phenonmenon.. like during birth of zesus a specific and most brightest star was visible in sky so he was called kings of kings and krishna mithra n zesus all r remembered on 25th december.. and krishna killed vrishabhasur.. mitrha also killed a bull... moses destroyed a statue of bull in bible old testament.. it resembles that era of tauras has gone and some new zodiac's era will take place... i dont know what is ttruth but i recomend you to see that documntry then tell me ur views.. and when i was a kid i saw in a newspaper(dainik jagran-josh)that scientists have obtained DNA of zesus or created genetic map of him or something like that.. and it was written he was very tall blue eyd and attractive man.. and now this news and that documentry is creating controvery in my mind. please help me..and are you also a brahmin sir?

Dear Rishabh,

Yes, I was born in a brahmin family. Jesus is not a part of Hinduism, therefore, I have no interest either in Jesus or in Christianity. For me my Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Shakti, Hanuman, Ganesha and Kartikeya are enough. Before concluding my answer, here is a Punjabi saying for you:

Tu apni samhal, tenu hore naal ki,
tu gudri samhal, tenu chor naal ki.

(You should care about what is yours, what have you to do with what is not yours,
take care of your belongings, what do you have to do with the thief.)

Best regards,



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