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   karma yoga says that we should always do selfless service and our duty.
then,should we abandon our dreams,personal accomplishments,desires and serve others?
how can we progress in life if we dont look after ourselfs and serve the others?

Dear Aaryan,

Karma Yoga DOES NOT say that we should do selfless service. It only says that we should do our duty without focusing our mind on the results. It is important to note that only when we are doing the duty this rule applies. Before we take up any profession as our duty, we MUST focus on SELFISH goals. Also while planning how to do the work we must focus on the results. Only while doing our work in line with our planning we should not focus on the results.

We need to be very clear why we want to do ANY WORK. It will be and IT SHOULD be for a selfish goal. For example earning more money, becoming famous, gaining more power and such selfish goals are necessary before we commence our work. Once we commence our work, we should not think about the results. That is Karma Yoga.

Karma Yoga DOES NOT involve serving others. Even those who do voluntary social service should not be worried about the results while doing their work. If they are continuously thinking whether their work is benefiting the society or not, they are not doing karma yoga.

It is very important to have dreams. One should have lots of selfish desires and work for personal accomplishments. Serving others is NOT important. (But it is very important NOT TO HURT anyone while working towards personal goals).

We should look after ourselves first before thinking of serving others. Only after taking care of one's own life, one is eligible to help/serve others.

I have answered many questions on Selfishness Vs Selflessness and you can find one such link below (You may click on my name under Answers by Experts to read more)

Thanks for asking this important question. I will be glad to answer any further questions on this topic.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan

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