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i read a book called hindu history in that book it wwas told that all avatars and ancient events that took place were actually exaggerated and then told to us.. and it was told that asuras werent bad their sage was assasinated by indra so they wnted revenge so it ws told devas were bad(not devas actually but indra ws bad) similar story is found in avestic aryan or persion literature where devas are evil and asuras(ahura mazda)are good.. what r your views?
and mahabharata and ramayana really happened?whats r their approx date and u know a city claimed to be dwarka was found submerged in seas near gujarat and dating showd it was 50000years old then why we indians dont claim that we were the oldest and most advanced on this earth? plese tell me whatever info u have about this topic.

Namaskaar Rishabh,

The question you asked is interesting. Unfortunately, it is not 1 Question but multiple questions fused into one. I will be answering these in points one by one. You need patience to understand.

1) I don't know about the book and hence won't comment on it.

2) I believe that neither Asuras NOR Devas are bad. We don't fight for good OR Evil scenario.

That's why Ravana was born in Brahma's dynasty: A Scholar whose commentary on Vedas is just a masterpiece. Even Valmiki does not mind calling him a Mahatma. Ram tells Vibhishana to perform funeral rites of Ravana. Vibhishana mentions that there can be no ruler better than Ravana. You can go through Valmiki Ramayana - Yuddh Kaanda if you have any doubt.

That's why post Mahabharata war, the first thing Yuddhisthir did was to humbly bow before Bhisma and get some experience from him. Bhisma fought from Kaurava side and hence is bad. Then why Yuddhisthir bowed before him?

Good OR Bad are not dynasty based BUT action based. That's why even Brahma, the creator was punished when he resorted to unethical means to satisy false ego.

3) Asuras OR Devas are tribes. Different people think differently. Good and Bad are relative factors. Let me tell you a story.

Once, a king told his men: I want data of good & Bad people in my kingdom. Help me find that.

Orders were made and entire kingdom was divided in 2 groups. Good Group and Bad Group.

King went on to analyze. He saw a drunk man in Good Group. He asked - what good you did. The man replied - Why? There is no one detached (vairagi) better than me. I don't care for my life either. Why you think I am bad? Just because I am intoxicated. Who isn't intoxicated in this world - tell me?

King went ahead. He saw a prostitude there. He asked her of her goodness. She replied - We are the one who never expect anything from anybody. World thinks that we are bad yet the same people come to see us dancing on regular basis. We are bad BUT they aren't. Why?

King went ahead. He saw a gambler. The king asked him - Why are you here? The gambler replied that there is no teacher of Risk Management better than him.

King went on to the bad group. He saw 2 philanthropists there. He asked one - why is he bad? He replied - A natural disaster destroyed my business and I became bankrupt. My mother told me to steal a ring from another businessman. I did it. Then I tried to borrow some money on her request from the same businessman by offering that ring as a security deposit. That businessman was nice so he agreed for the loan. Though the loan is repayed now along with the ring, I still feel guilty for what I did.

King asked the second person - Are you sure you are bad? He pointed to the other man and said - He is my friend. I saw him in trouble and decided to help. But my wife stopped me. I was unable to help him despite having potential to do so. What can be worse than this?

Seriously, who is good and who is bad in the above mentioned story? It is all perception and belief.

4) Persian / Indian views are 2 sides of same coin. Whichever way you believe - you are on the path of righteousness in the end. Persians say - Asura were righteous and we say - Devas were righteous. Whichever path you take, ultimate goal is same.

5) Mahabharata / Ramayana really happened? Well, Maybe. Ram Setu is now called Adam's Bridge with NASA shocked how come Devanagari Script mentioned on stones dating to origin of the world.

Timeline: How can a human answer that? Someone witnessing high level Yoga -- Dhyaan / Samaadhi state will be the right person to comment on this.

6) Dwarka in Gujarat is 5000 years old. I haven't seen that and hence can't comment on that.

7) Why we Indians don't claim our advancements? In my opinion - we don't have time for this.


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