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i read a book called hindu history in that book it wwas told that all avatars and ancient events that took place were actually exaggerated and then told to us.. and it was told that asuras werent bad their sage was assasinated by indra so they wnted revenge so it ws told devas were bad(not devas actually but indra ws bad) similar story is found in avestic aryan or persion literature where devas are evil and asuras(ahura mazda)are good.. what r your views?
and mahabharata and ramayana really happened?whats r their approx date and u know a city claimed to be dwarka was found submerged in seas near gujarat and dating showd it was 50000years old then why we indians dont claim that we were the oldest and most advanced on this earth? plese tell me whatever info u have about this topic.

Dear Rishabh

Most Asuras had evil intentions. After getting their Bardaan, most of them misused it, except few who overcome their evil traditions. Inspite of all that, Asurans always succeeded getting Bardan after tapasya.

Indra being Debraj is required to protect the sanctity of Swarg and hence often took steps against Asuras who attached or had intention to attack Swarg.

There were instances wherein Devas also misused their power and they paid price for it.

There are evidence of places, temples, location specific stories that establishes Occcurance of Mahabharat and Ramayan. Dwarka, Ayodhya, kashi, Brindaban, Mathura, manipur   - all are there in existence even today.

Unlike Wast and Europe with little history, but plenty of money and power to forcefully decide and determine the fact, India being one of the oldest civilised country has not claimed its position in world stage as yet.

Hope that helps

Prof Garain


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