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   when does one becomes ready for serious spiritual pursuit?
from which stages one has to pass before he stars spiritual pursuit?

Dear Rahul,

Everyone is always in the spiritual pursuit whether they know it or not. Everyone is seeking everlasting security, non diminishing happiness and undisturbed peace. This seeking is spiritual pursuit. But due to ignorance people assume that they will gain these through money, love, relationships, power, position and such material pursuits. When they realize that they will not get these from material pursuits they turn to so called spiritual pursuit. But the fact is the material pursuit is the first step of spiritual pursuit. Unless a person is convinced that he will not be get what he want from material pursuit, he will not look elsewhere.

Once a person cross the first step of knowing the limitation of material pursuit he is ready for spiritual pursuit. Therefore, one has to pass through material pursuit to make progress in spiritual pursuit.

Various stages of Spiritual Pursuit is given in

Thanks for asking this question. Will be glad to provide any more clarification that you might need.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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