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Dear Sir,

Recently I bought a stainless  ring with an onyx stone on it.
I bought it for daily use as it looks attractive to me.
The salesperson told me wearing onyx protects us from negative/ evil energy but I never took her word seriously as I don't really believe in gemstones etc.
But after wearing it for few days I got scared that this stone may bring bad luck to me and my family especially my son and husband. So I immediately removed it.

Is it safe to wear onyx?

Thank you.

Dear Tulasi,

What kind of advice you want from my side.

Is that a salesman is right.
Removal the same is right for you.

I am not a sales mam, and never given this type of foolish advices. I am a resposable profesional Astrologer. Don't compare my knowledge with a sales man.

I know that after reading this answer, you are trying to down my rating. but truth is never changed.

And No body in this universe to advice you any lucky stone without the birth details.

You Better knows what you do
Hope you don't ask me this type of query in future.

Acharya VS


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