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Respected Sir,

Any karma done is associated with a result either positive or negative.

Then how can renunciation of the results of karma is possible,

which amounts to getting rid of the results of our action?
Pl advise me to understand the concept.

With kind respects
T R Vasudevan

Dear TRV,

It is not possible to renounce actions (karma). All living beings are tied to action all the time. Only  human beings do action with a notion 'I am the doer'. What needs to be renounced is not action but the notion that I am the doer.

Lord Krishna clearly tells in verse 2.47 'NEVER STOP DOING YOUR DUTY'.In the next verse, he adds 'PERFORM YOUR DUTY WITHOUT ANY ATTACHMENT'.

Therefore, as long as we are alive we must continue to our duties. Our duties may vary depending on our age and stage in life. But there are prescribed duties for everyone which should be done.

Every action will bring either positive or negative results. Everyone is bound to enjoy/suffer the results of their action. We can get liberation from this cycle only by gaining self-knowledge. Lord Krishna shows the path to do this in the verse 2.39 '...THEN YOU CAN FREE YOURSELF FROM THIS BONDAGE OF ACTION'.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications please do ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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