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Sir I want to practice & implement the principles of Gita in my life but how should i start

(Note: Not a beginner in reading Gita)

Dear Siddharth,

Gita contains two different and distinct messages. One is on ACTION and the second is on KNOWLEDGE. The messages on ACTION prescribes various dos and don'ts and they are meant for those who are not yet ready for the KNOWLEDGE.

After practicing the suggestions given in Gita on ACTION for sufficient length of time (may be for several life times) one will get the required mental maturity to graduate to the next level.

It is very difficult to read the original verses of Gita and understand either the ACTION part or the KNOWLEDGE part. There are many commentaries on Gita... but there are many contradictions among them. Therefore, the help of a guru is required to study Gita.

So your first step is to find a guru. He will assess you and tell you whether you already have the required qualifications to move on the KNOWLEDGE part or not. If you are already qualified, then practicing the suggestions in Gita is not worthwhile. It is like getting admission letter from a university and then wasting time in reading the admission letter WITHOUT joining the university.

So the second step is to determine whether ACTION part is for you or KNOWLEDGE part, with the help of a guru.

Further steps will depend on the course that you take.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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