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Hindus/Hinduism compared to other religions


Dear Prof Swapan,

I just had a question in regards to Hinduism and other faiths. (Mainly abrahamic)

Why are the Hindus, in my opinion, least able to be converted into another religion?

By this I mean for example when Christian missionaries go to India they have very limited success in converting Hindus to Christianity.

What is the main reason for this?

Kind Regards,


Dear Nik

Christianity is seen as a religion of surviving on converting people from other religion.  Most conversions in India happened before independence when the christian occupiers (the British) ruled the country. They succeeded converting the poor and helpless on the pretext of helping them with better education and medical service. Most converted Christians in India are from  low caste rural poor who are subsequently treated as second class Christians.

Christianity does not not attract Hindus or any other religion as such. Today, the conversion to Christianity is almost negligible in India as the churches are not allowed to resort to any and all means to convert.

Do you really believe the the Christ is the savior. He is coming. He heals. Or all the rituals has any scientific basis. The same is true for other religions as well.

Why cant Christianity co-exist with other religion? Why does it always have to look for converting any and all into Christianity?

Hindu or all other religious faiths in India are respected and anyone can practice a religion of its choice. There is no state religion.

These are my personal opinion and I do not mean to undermine any religion. I respect the faith practice by all.

Dr Garain  


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