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Hindus/Scientific proof that the universe is an illusion


Respected Sir,
To  pursue  the paradox  further for better understanding

that the world is
Created out of energy and that the energy
Itself does not exist, please advise and guide
the reference articles /  authored books/texts that are available
With kind respects
T R Vasudevan

Dear TRV,

What appears to be a solid matter ( the table, chair, your body and everything) in the universe is actually is not solid. Even if we drill down to atomic level, we cannot find anything solid. It is scientifically proved without a shade of doubt that energy appears as matter for a brief period of time and then collapses back as energy.

This is exactly like how a movie is projected on the screen. What we see as moving car on the screen is actually a series of still pictures projected on the screen at a fast pace. Our eyes cannot see individual still pictures since they keep changing at a fast rate. Therefore, we see a 'moving' car.

In the same way from the energy, the car (and everything in the universe) is CREATED every moment and DISSOLVED instantly. This is happening so fast rate that our five sense cannot comprehend. We assume that the car is real and we are driving it.

By using scientific instruments, scientist have figured out this truth. You may have to study Quantum Physics to understand more on this topic.

However, your question pertains to the next level. You agree that the universe is projected from the energy. You want to know whether the scientists have proved that the energy itself does not exist. The answer is YES.

However, this invention is so mind boggling to the scientists that they do understand its implications. Scientists have in fact found out the sum total of ALL energy in the universe is ZERO. This means energy is an illusion. Therefore, the vedantic revelation that the universe is an illusion is scientifically proved.

However, this scientific revelation will not appear in the school text books because, science deals only with what is observed. As long as the observer is excluded from science, the scientists will continue to be blind to the truth.

Here are the links that you requested. Since scientists are 'blind' their conclusion might be diverting the attention of the sincere seekers of the truth.

Thanks for asking this important question.

If you need more clarifications on this, please post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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