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Dear Sir,

It is not compulsory that i am Atman although it survive forever and after I gained knowledge of Atman or observing of Atman seeing of Atman ( having a vision), can not conclude you as a Atman, "it is body by which we can observing Atman".
No Atman have seen without body till date and nowhere find to observing "who am i" .
I saw a Moni Guru, he  separately  show me Atman and  body, nothing was changed before seen it and after firstly there was you as usual and secondly its yours energy and other side your,s atoms.
I want to say what, Is  joy of energy survived without body,as body has to finish, and who are you,you are the same person after enlightened as before, you already there after some effort you just query your energy and atoms.Some people called Atman as God, i find not such kind of things it's it only you your Atman or Body.
doesn't matter we all of Budhh, krishna, mahavir, Raja, Vineet all of us  having same seed(energy).Now my target is God. Kindly enlightened me.


Dear Vineet,

The meaning of the word Atman need to be fully understood before one can have questions on it. Partially hearing/ reading about Atman will undoubtedly lead to such confusion. (This is true for any word. If I do not understand what the word CAR means, I may ask, 'How can a car move without legs?')

So the first step is to get the basic understanding of any word before asking questions on it. And one must ask questions to graduate from the level of basic understanding to complete understanding.

I will answer your questions before giving the basic definition of Atman.

1. Claiming 'I am Atman' is optional. It is not compulsory that one should claim I am Atman.
2. It is not possible to observe Atman the way you observe something. Having a vision does not mean seeing the Atman. The only way is to gain knowledge on Atman which will lead to self-realization.
3.Nothing will change in the world before and after knowing Atman. After knowing atman one can live joyfully. Other than that there will be no changes.
4. There is no point in abandoning the search on Atman and switching over to search of God. It does not matter which one you search. If you search any one of these two, till the end you will find both. In other words God Realization is same as Self-Realization.
5. Do not get distracted with more terminologies like 'seed/ energy' etc. The more terms you start using without proper understanding you will get more confused.
6. Do not come to your own conclusion such as all of us are same energy OR 'body is different from Atman'. Ask questions until you get clarity.

Let me give the basic definition of Atman now.

There is an absolute truth (which is nameless/ formless) which sustains not only our body/mind complex but also the entire universe. For the purpose of explaining, this nameless non-entity is named as Brahman OR Atman (NOT God)depending on the context. If we talk about the universe we use the name Brahman. If we talk about an individual we call it as Atman. Both the words Brahman and Atman point to the same nameless formless non-entity.

Therefore, your body is not different from Atman. Body is merely a form and name and the substance is Atman. A flower or stone is also sustained by the same Atman.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you have more questions post them as a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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