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Hindus/What kind of joy is attained after enlightenment?


Dear Sir,

What kind of joy is attained after enlightened.I find just ego.
Well i am not with those who says not to Ego,Because only those person have ego whose have some in his pocket in his mind, ego for post, ego for money. ego for knowledge and so they are enjoying there worth it is their confident, what a poor person having ego, a illiterate person, they haven,t any thing like ego.
It is my own opinion and not be acceptable by you i know but truly tel me sir where i am wrong. And please tel me about the joy attained.


There is absolutely no difference. There is only one kind of joy. Every one of us have experienced happiness or joy in our life. After enlightenment, one will continue to experience the very same kind of joy or happiness.

Level of happiness varies. Scriptures describe three levels of happiness. Suppose, you like sweets, when you see sweets you experience the first degree of happiness. When you own or possess the sweet you experience the second degree of happiness. When you taste the sweet you experience the highest level of happiness. Even after enlightenment the situation will be the same. There is no other higher level of happiness after enlightenment.

The difference lies in the knowledge. Before enlightenment, one thinks that the source of joy/happiness is in the world. People assume objects or persons in the world give happiness to them. This is due to ignorance. Only when the true source of happiness is realized, people get enlightened.

Objects in the world (including other people in the world) cannot give happiness/joy. However, we seem to get happiness from them. One has to do systematic and consistent study of scriptures for a length of time under the guidance of a live guru in order come out of this illusion. Only then one will know the true source of happiness/joy.

After enlightenment one will not be affected by the events in life. Life will continue to offer good and bad experiences. However, the enlightened people live joyfully. This does not mean they will not cry when someone close them dies. Just as you may enjoy a movie even though you have felt the sadness of the hero, enlightened people enjoy the ups and downs of the life.

It is not that your opinion is unacceptable to me. No one (except those who are enlightened) knows the the complete meaning of the word EGO. So everyone have their own view or opinion. Therefore, I understand and accept that your views are valid for you.

Thanks for asking this question. You are welcome to ask more questions. I will do my best to give a complete and comprehensive answers to your questions. However, please be aware that the answers will only serve the purpose of making you eligible for the systematic study of scriptures. You will not be enlightened by merely reading my answers.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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