Dear Sir,

Is there is Supreme soul? Where he is, and who is he.


Dear Vineet,

Thanks for your question.

However, the question asked by you is a practical one. I don't want to answer it theoretically.

Akbar asked Birbal the same questions. Birbal was confused. He demanded 1 week's time to find answers.

7 days later, he went to Akbar and said - I am ready with the answers but I need a bowl full of milk.

Akbar gave the same.

Birbal said - Is there butter in this milk. Akbar said - yes, it is hidden. Birbal - there is supreme soul and hidden.

Birbal then kept his fingers inside the milk and said - where is the butter. I don't find it. Akbar said - Don't act like innocent. You know very well that butter is distributed in milk. Birbal said - Similarly, supreme Soul is distributed within all.

Akbar asked - what he does? Birbal said - this isn't fair. You, being question asker is sitting on a huge throne. I being a teacher is standing alone here. Akbar made Birbal sit on the throne and himself stood in front. Birbal said - That's exactly what he does. Converting rags to riches and vice versa.

So, this was a layman's answer to your question. However, if you want more spiritualistic and actual scholarly answer. I would suggest you to read Kena - upanishad first. That is a pre - requisite. You will have most of your doubts cleared on reading it. However, if that does not happen, kindly ask again.

You can visit here to read it. http://www.estudantedavedanta.net/Kena%20Upanishad%20-%20Swami%20Sarvanand%20[Sanskrit-English].pdf

Hope I have done justice to your question.  


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