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Hindus/God has to be blamed?


Is our life predefined by god and everything happens according to gods wish. Then nothing is in our hands for every action we do , god has to be blamed. If we  spoil other persons life then we are not responsible, its only god who has made us as a weapon to spoil that persons life


No, our life is NOT predefined by God. God is merely an accountant who keeps the score of our good and bad actions. God has absolutely no power to change the life of an individual. An accountant can not decide to give more salary to an employee.Similarly, God cannot give anyone what is not EARNED by him/her.

Human beings (unlike other living beings) have FREE WILL. We have a choice to do or not to do an action. And we also have a choice on how we do an action. Our action (or non-action) might help others or hurt others or remain neutral. God, as an efficient accountant, keeps track of the results of our actions. His only  job is to ensure that each get positive results if good actions are done and negative results for the bad actions.

Each one of us shape our own life. We have total freedom in deciding our fate. So if we hurt someone else surely we will suffer in future. In this connection please read one of my previous response given below.

Thanks for your important question. Will be glad to provide more clarifications if needed. Please post a new question and not a follow up. Thanks.

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Life is influenced MOSTLY by the actions done in the present life. Only the initial conditions, like how rich one is born, whether one is born handicapped or with perfect health and such are determined by the deeds of the past life. After one starts working and earning MONEY MOSTLY the current actions influence the success or failure. ONLY inexplicable luck or downfall can be attributed to the actions done in the past life.

There is a distinct difference between normal earnings and extraordinary growth. The normal earnings have nothing to do with the past good or bad actions. It is directly related to one's hard work and such. Only a great success or unfortunate events are due to the past (whether in this life's past or previous life's) good/bad karma.  For example, the salary is ALWAYS due to the current work done. There is no influence by the good/bad karma. The effect of the good/bad karma is only whether he gets a good job or an ordinary job. Once one gets the job, thereafter salary and normal increments are only to due to the work done. But promotions and extraordinary increments are due to the past (again not necessarily the previous birth's) good/bad actions.

So hard work determines economic growth. Good deeds determines great success.

Past life actions determine the initial conditions only.

Good (or bad) deeds are mostly done in the present life influence the success or otherwise.

Very rarely - when one is not able to identify or remember what good/ bad actions he/she has done in order to face a particular success or tragedy - the actions of the past life is responsible.

To sum up the answer to your question, it is 100% in the hands of the individual to EARN MONEY and the past life's deed/karma has NO role in it. Only when he/she earns LOTS of money or meets with unexplained huge loss one may attribute it to the result of the past'life's deeds/karma and that too only in the absence of significant deeds/karma done in the the current life.

So it can be assumed that current life is decided mostly by the current actions.


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