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Respected Sir,

It is widely believed that karma is accrued due to one's own actions
with attendant rewards/punishment.
With this background . does the  sin committed by parents contribute / /influence/ alter the karmic deeds of their offsprings?

Question 2

I have not understood the following:

In one of your answers you have said that the we are all part of illusion ( i.e unreal)
How do we  then realise the real, based on the  stratum of unreal(Illusion)
This subject appears complex
I seek your kind clarification

With kind respects
T R Vasudevan

Dear TRV,

Karma is defined in Vedas. We should not go by what is popularly believed with respect to Karma. Most people do not understand the complete theory of Karma as detailed in Vedas. Therefore, most of the widely believed information on Karma is wrong. One such wrong notion is sin committed by parents affect the children.

The truth is just as how one is responsible for creating the karma in the first place (by doing good/bad actions), he/she alone will reap the benefit/result of the karma and NO ONE ELSE.

Your second question is really complex. (Not mere appearance). Unless one systematically and consistantly studies Vedanta under the guidance of a competent live guru for a length of time, it is not possible to comprehend this complex subject.

Just to answer your question, by seeing a photo we infer a camera that is not seen in the photo. Similarly, we need to infer the REAL by looking at the unreal which includes our body/mind complex.

Thanks for asking these questions. In future kindly post different questions separately. Thanks.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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