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Respected Sir,
Among the three Gunas , Sattvic is high in the order.
In that case , why are we required to transcend the three gunas , for Liberation
Are the three gunas , a hurdle in the path of salvation?
With respects
T R vasudevan

Dear TRV,

The goal of life is Liberation. Liberation means transcending the three gunas.

Three gunas are INSEPARABLE. Although we talk about three gunas separately, one cannot exist without the other. So no matter how much one guna is dominating the others will also be present. Also we need ALL three gunas. (For example we cannot sleep without thamo guna). Therefore, the scriptures advice us to use each of three gunas appropriately for the purpose of transcending all gunas.

As such the three gunas are not hurdles but they are the means for salvation.

It is important to understand the meaning of salvation/liberation/enlightenment. For this you may do some internal reflection and then study various scriptures to help you reach that goal.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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