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One God funda is over riding Hindu religion, Can U pls explain

1) Who created Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva? Is it Ishwara or Adishakthi?

2) Why Cant God give Sadbuddi(Good sense/ resipiscence) to everyone? Is there any Shaithan concept in our religion too?.


One god concept is applicable to all religion. Just as one substance is labeled differently in different languages (pani, thanneer, neeru, vellam are all refer to the same water), the creator of the universe is named differently in different religions.

The name does not matter. Therefore, it is more appropriate to ask WHO IS GOD and HOW HE CREATED. I can tell you a story (all religions tell different stories) and it is upto you to accept whichever story appeals to you. For example, you may like Adishakthi. In that case all others are created by her. Or you can believe in Shiva so he is the creator of all.

If you do not want to blindly believe, then you should not ask question BEFORE learning. First you must systematically and consistently learn under a guru for a length of time what the scriptures say about creation. Only after completing the studies, you can ask questions.

God cannot give intelligence to anyone. Each person has to earn it by putting his own effort.

There is no concept of Satan in Hinduism.

Thanks for asking this question. In future, please do not combine more than one question in one posting. If you do, I will not be able to give complete explanation. Post the questions separately for getting detailed answer. Thanks for understanding.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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