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Hello I have been taking a religion class and had become interested in this religion.  The more I read on it the more fascinating it became and I wanted to know more.  I am writing a paper and would love your insight on some things and if you can add to it will be great.

Why does Hinduism have so many Gods?
Do Hindus believe in reincarnation and why?
What is karma in the eyes of a Hindu priest?
Why Do Hindus worship the cow?
Are Hindus idol worshipers?
Are Hindus forbidden to eat meat?
Do Hindus have a Bible?
Why do many Hindus wear a dot near the middle of their forehead?
Are the Gods of Hinduism really married?
What is the education and training to become a Hindu priest?

Dear Teresa,

Different gods of Hinduism are only symbols of the one God.

Hindus believe in rebirth because according to Karma theory, every action produces a result if you do it with even a slight sense of ego, so every result leads you to further action, so till there are results which have not yet taken effect, a person has to take birth over and again.

Hindu priests also believe the same theory of Karma.

Hindus worship cow because it is critical to agriculture and the entire family life of a rural Indian farmer revolves around a cow.

Hindus do not worship the idols as such but worship the One God through different idols.

No, Hindus are not forbidden to eat meat, though some may abstain from eating meat.

The scriptures of the Hindus are the Vedas.

The middle of the forehead is a centre of spiritual power and to keep this power stimulated, Hindus wear a dot.

Not all, but many gods of Hinduism do have spouse-gods.

A Hindu priest need not be a monk and needs to know how to conduct various rituals.

With best wishes,
Swami Narasimhananda


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