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Dear Raja

The Mahabharat and Ramayana are both Great Epics in Hindu religion.

What are the reasons that our Holy Book - BhagwatGeeta is based on Mahabharat and not Ramayana ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar


Mahabharat and Ramayana are called Itihasa in sanskrit. It means "This happened like this...'. Ramayana is a narration of events that happened prior to Mahabharatha. Both are part of our history.

Gita is not just a book. It is an extract of an actual dialogue that happened between Krishna and Arjuna. Saint Vyasa wrote down in a poetic form 'this happened like this..' covering the events of the kingdom of his time in 100000 verses which is titled Mahabharatha.One of the event is the war between two factions of the kingdom and Lord Krishna and Arjuna are on the battlefield. Gita was born at that time.

The dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna was retold in 700 verses, which is Bhagavad Gita. Therefore you may say Gita is part of Mahabaratha and not based on it.

While Krishna was teaching Arjuna, he took care to mention that the teachings that he is imparting to Arjuna are NOT his own ideas. They are the essence of the Vedas.

For Sanathana Dharma (commonly known as Hindu Religion) the holy books are threefold (Prasthana Thriyam).

First and Most important are       : Upanishadas (Sruti Prastanam)
Second (which is based on the first: Bhagawad Gita  (Smiriti Prastanam)
Third          : BrahmaSutra (Nyaya Prastanam)

Only these three are the main holy books of Hinduism. Apart from the above there are Ithihasas (Ramayan and Mahabaratha) and many Puranas (Pre historical events) which are also considered holy.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarifications, kindly post a new question and I will be glad to respond.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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