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How immovable Brahman creates movement? If you say it is Maya,how Brahman comes into illusion?


Brahman does not and cannot do anything. It has no relation to the universe. Universe is an illusion. Brahman is real and it does not come into illusion. That is the reason no one is able to point out and say 'Here is Brahman'.

Brahman is immovable because there is no space around it to for it to move. It has not created any movement. It is our ignorance that we see movement. We are ignorant because we are made up of body and mind which are also part of the illusory movement.

I do understand that the above answer sounds very confusing. It is like asking Eisenstein, 'How can the mass be transformed as energy?' Although he will know the answer he can not give a complete answer that can be comprehended by ordinary people who have not studied physics in depth.

However, many physicists in the world now understand that Eisenstein is correct. This is because they have studied physics atleast for 5 years.

Similarly, to understand this answer one needs to study Vedanta systematically and consistently under the guidance of a living guru for a length of time (a lot less than 5 years!).  

Thanks anyway for asking this question. Will be glad to answer (or atleast trying to answer) any of your future questions.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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