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my question is based on intercaste marriage. i was in love with a guy who was a brahmin, i belong to sc . when he proposed me, he told i love you but cant marry you, so i scolded him but later both worked at smae place so both started to love from past 3 years, later when it came to marriage , his mother started to see a girl for him in his community, he told about this to me, i was very much affectionate to him so started to behave in a different way, and started to commit suicide, seeing this he told that he will talk abt me to his mother, as his father is not alive, but his mother did agree and he told that his mother chased him out of his home, mean time i got ill and was admitted in hospital, he did even come to see me, later his mother got heart attack and committed suicide itseems, so he stopped talking to me and agreed to marry the girl whom is mother will tell, the girl whom is mother saw was 10 years younger than him and got abortion seems, this what i guy told to my friend and told that since i went to ill state , so he was the reason for my illness and to get a punishment he is going to marry that girl.i feel guity that he spoiled his life because of me, he even told that in next birth we both will surely get married dont worry ,what he told will happen how to believe this, its my mistake or his mistake. my friend posted about me in his facebook even then he was not ready to marry me, he told i cant spoil my future wife life because of you. i am still in depression and do no what to do, help me sir i need my life, ours is poor family,, i need to go for job, because of health problem i am not going for job, and i have developed inferior complexity that i belong to sc caste and every where people will treat me bad as i am sc.

Dear Lavanya,


Caste or varna was originally meant to be decided on the qualities and work of an individual. Due to corruption in society, it came to be decided on the basis of birth, which is against the scriptures of Sanatana Dharma. So, the caste titles people have today are mostly meaningless. A so-called brahmin does business, service, or administration, which are works of vaishya, shudra, and kshatriya respectively.

So, if anyone tells you that you are inferior because you belong to a so-called lower caste, simply ignore that person.

The boy whom you love has used you and thrown you away very conveniently. It is he who should be punished vigorously and strongly so that he does not even think of such a thing again in his life. Every soul is divine and so all this ruckus about SC/ST is stupid.

You love a person, and you should be happy but you are going to depression. That too for a person who does not deserve even your love. So, give up depression and forget about that worthless man and start living your life. You have an entire lifetime ahead of you and none can stop you from being successful. And if possible, arrange to give this man a rigorous beating. That is the only way animals can be controlled, and as you have already understood, the man you love is not a human being but just an animal.

Please call me at my mobile 9330526514 at your convenience. There you can talk more comfortably.

With best wishes,
Swami Narasimhananda


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