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Hindus/Aim in Life.


I know that everything in this world is maya(illusion) and knowledge(gita.... etc) & dharma is the ultimate aim. Now I feel to leave social routines( like good earning, having my family, serving parent's wishes etc..) and want to attain knowledge OR indulge in karma which leads to outcomes which can be used for humanity( Not, only for self or family benefit).
But again this maya in the form of my short lived desires, family, surroundings etc. is pulling me in this illussion.
So what must I do?
Either neglect all this(desires, family,surrounding) and try for knowledge & ultimate goal of life
OR forget about everything and do worldly karma for self & family.
OR do both together OR first karma then knowledge OR something else as you advice?

Dear Piyush,

Gita and Vedas ARE ALSO MAYA.There is NO POINT in keep that as your ultimate aim in life. Your aim should be to earn as much money as possible and live a comfortable life. You need to have lots of desires to achieve name, fame, wealth and such. It is foolishness to ignore money and aim for knowledge. In fact if you do not make good progress in material pursuit it not possible to gain spiritual knowledge.

Your first duty is to serve your parents. Then you need to take care of your family. You need to have enough money to ensure a comfortable living for all your family members. Also you need to ensure that your children get good education.

These are all your primary duty. You need to fulfill them and then work for the welfare of the society.

It is NOT CORRECT to say that you will quit material pursuit because the world is Maya. Even enlightened people CAN NOT ESCAPE from the grip of Maya. Every one (including the enlightened) are invariably in material pursuit.

Therefore, there is no option for you to neglect desires/money/family etc. You need to forget about Gita/ Vedas and focus on material pursuit. Only when you fulfill your duties to your parents and the family, you will be eligible to seek the knowledge given in Gita/Vedanta.

Please post another question to me marking it to be PRIVATE and give your age, educational qualifications and family details. I will give you more focused advice. Thanks for seeking guidance. You have asked a very important question and many people make the mistake of getting into spiritual pursuit by neglecting material pursuit. (Arjuna was about to make this mistake and Lord Krishna stopped him and asked him to do his duty)

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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