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Hindus/Caste from surname.


QUESTION: Recently I came across a resume in which caste was mentioned as Vaid (Gotra) Rathore.
On conversation they told us that their family originaly worked as vaidhya for the Rajas Maharajas.
And immediate parent's native place said to be Pali, Rajasthan.

Can you please clear about their caste & how come "Rathore" in their caste."

ANSWER: Dear Piyush

What is bothering you?  What is your query?

Do you mean Vaid can not be part of Rathore?

What is the problem?

What do yor you do? o you recruit based on caste?

Dr Garain

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Actually it was Bio-data not Resume. Sorry for writing wrong.
I just wanted to know about the caste for matrimonial purpose.



Do not worry about the caste. Look at the matching of attributes and perspectives for matrimonial purpose.  

Best wishes


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Thanks for your advice which I didn't wanted.

If you could not answer my question you can simply tell as such instead of asking weather I recruit based on caste Or weather I worry about caste for marriage purpose.

I would like to inform you that I was interested to just cross check that, wheather information the person has given me is correct or not.


Thanks for your comments.

" Can you please clear about their caste & how come "Rathore" in their caste." Actually. I did not understand your question and the background or context of asking that. I did mention that in my first mail itself. But you picked up selectively. Thats your way of seeing teh life and world.   But I did find narrow mindedness in such thoughts.

Finally, yo may be aware that there is no standardization of caste names in India. The same name of  caste and Gotra may be of different hierarchy in another state or region. For example Vaidya is a case in hand as you will find it in Rajasthan, Delhi, UP, WB and Bihar. Anyway. I leave it to your wisdom and perspective.

Good luck


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