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Hi Raja,

Hope you are doing great,

I have some queries regarding Pujas to Gods and other rituals we perform in our day to day life.

Why should one perform Pujas to Gods? What are all these Vrathams, Abhishekams, Homams, Yagnas etc? Did God really asked us to perform these Pujas and Vrathams, Festivals (Dasara, Diwali, Ganesh Chavithi, Ramzan, Christmas etc)? God don't require all these. All he wants is honest devotion for him. Then who mentioned all these and why in our Scriptures? What is this Vaastu, Astrology etc?

Why should one do /follow all these? Are they real? People are advising a lot about them. Do they exist? I am totally confused. PLease shed some light.

Best Regards,

Dear Krishna,

It is very important to perform all pujas/rituals that are traditionally followed in your culture/family/ community. They are at the core of all religions.

Vedas are meant for all human beings. People are different. They differ with respect to intelligence/ skills/ capabilities/ aptitude and attitude. Therefore, Vedas contain two parts to provide guidance to everyone.

First Part of the Vedas (called Karma Kanda) prescribes various pujas/ rituals/ vrathams/ abhishekams/ homams/ yagnas. Based on these, Puranas suggest people to celebrate various festivals like diwali etc)

Second and concluding part of the Vedas (Called Gnana Kanda or Vedanta) explains (1) who is the human being, (2) who is God, (3) what is creation, (4) why suffering, (5) what needs to be done to remove suffering and finally (6) how to live life happily.

The First Part is meant for those who are not inclined to LEARN THE ANSWERS to the the SIX Questions revealed in the Second Part.

You need to decide for yourself which part is applicable to you. If you choose the First Part, then you SHOULD NOT ask any questions (including 'why rituals?') and BLINDLY follow ALL rituals prescribed in YOUR TRADITION. It is NOT ENOUGH to have honest devotion for God. God does demand all these rituals from those who choose this First Part.

For example, if you choose to join Indian Army. You cannot ask 'Why should I put this uniform, why should I follow the rules of parade, why should I salute the national flag etc..... Is it not enough if I am truly patriotic and do my duty?'. The answer is IT IS NOT ENOUGH. If you refuse to salute the national flag you will be displeasing the superiors. Similarly if you are refusing to follow the rituals you will be displeasing the God.

However, it is your choice. You do not have to join the army. Similarly, you do not have to opt for the First Part of the Vedas. In which case you have to join the second part and start learning the answers to the 6 questions.

Suppose you do not want to do that either? If you are a muslim you must follow Quran. If you are a Hindu, you must follow Vedas. If you do not then you are not a religious person and God is irrelevant to you. So why bother whether God will be pleased or not.

It is a fact that God gave us the scriptures and if you believe in God then you must choose to follow the scripture. Since you are a Hindu you have choice to select between First or Second Part of Vedas.

The choice is yours.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications please do not hesitate to post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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