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Hinduism seems at first glance to be a very conservative religion with themes like no sex before marriage being advocated and so on. Yet was not Hinduism the religion which inspired the Karma Sutra and all those erotic temple carvings? There seems to be a contradiction here. Can you explain it?

Lastly, my father once told me of his time in Nepal in the early 70s and how a lot of hippies went to India and Nepal during that period and  adopted various Hindu customs such as painting a circular spot on the forehead etc. My father claimed that such hippies were loathed and despised by Hindus of the time.Can you tell me more re this issue? Thanks, Geoff.

Dear Geoff

Hinduism is a liberal and self-satisfying religion. One can have a very fulfilling experience of life.

Sex before marriage destroys the family system as it has done in western countries. Hindu religion values and upholds  a system that can promote a inclusive and perpetual existence of human beings in Society.

Kama Sutra does not relate to pervert and premarital sex. Its refers to supreme reunion of two human being from opposite sex.

Painting a circular spot on the forehead is not a Hindu custom. Hippies must have mocked the rituals with the paintings without imbibing any of its values.

Hope that helps



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